Introducing BLINK Lite

The BLINK Lite is ACTON’s newest and lightest electric assisted skateboard! At just 7.7 lbs, the BLINK Lite is significantly lighter than the original BLINK Board while also possessing an electric in-wheel hub motor. The hub motor provides smooth acceleration as well as low resistance when the motor is inactive, which allows for long cruises when not accelerating. The Blink Lite has a redesigned fishtail shaped deck which has been made flat to allow for better comfort and foot placement while riding. The LED strip from the BLINK Board remains present in the new design, although on the side of a slimmer battery case under the BLINK Lite. In the new iteration of the remote, the BLINK Lite is able to accelerate forwards and reverse with a simple slide of a switch.

The BLINK Lite is designed to be a recreational alternative to the traditional electric longboards that are built purely for power. Engineered to be the lightest electric skateboard on the market, the BLINK Lite is ideal for quick rides when you may need something fun and light with little to no maintenance for daily use. The BLINK Lite–similar to a cruiser board–is meant for casual boarding while the compact size allows the Lite to be carried around conveniently. One thing to note is that the BLINK Lite is not designed to handle longboarding styles such as freeriding and downhill boarding.

The BLINK Lite is the ideal board for cruising, from coasting down boardwalks to quick rides to the corner store. The Lite will be able to satisfy recreational boarding purposes while also acting as an alternative method for getting to your destination, all in 7.7 pounds.




*Range: 5mi Deck Length: 27.5in
*Max Speed: 9mph Product Weight: 7.7lbs
*Incline Rate: 11% / 5degrees User Weight: Max 180lbs
Motor: 250W Board Material: Canadian Maple Wood
Wheel Size: 70mm Battery: Lithium-ion 25.2V, 2.2Ah, 5C
Wheel Material: PU  

*denotes average weighted person during testing



Light (LED)
Hub Motor
Reverse Function
Smooth Acceleration/Braking
3 Speeds: Beginner, Normal, Pro
APP: iOS/Android

CES 2016 Overview

CES 2016 was a success!  ACTON officially launched the World’s lightest electric skateboard – Blink™ board.  The Blink™ was featured on major news outlets including: CNN, BBC, CNBC, FOX, ABC, and received additional coverage from CNET, Mashable, MSN, Yahoo, CNN Money, Telegraph, The Verge, and more!  ACTON couldn’t be happier with all of the positive feedback.  Look out for more exciting news on the Blink™ and new ACTON products to come!

ACTON to Unveil New Personal Transportation Products at CES 2016

Once again ACTON will be exhibiting at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas from January 6th through the 9th. Visitors will have the privilege of testing out RocketSkates and the highly anticipated BLINK Board – ACTON’s first wireless controlled electric skateboard! The BLINK is equipped with a 1500W motor, so riders can cruise up to 15 mph on their boards. They also have the option to change their speed settings between beginner, normal and pro depending on how fast they want to ride that day. The ACTON app, which is available on iOS and Android, lets users monitor their board, record routes, check battery level, speed, status and connectivity, in addition to connecting with other Blink-Boarders who are riding nearby! It is sure to be a hit at the show!

In addition to the BLINK, some VIP guests will have the opportunity to sneak peek the latest ACTON creation. This hush hush product is sure to impress those who are looking for what’s next in store for the world of personal mobility. For the rest of us, we will have to hold tight and wait.

CES attendees can stop by booth #73951 in CES Tech West to test ride ACTON products on the sweet street style test track! We hope to see you there!



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