Five reasons why the M Scooter is the perfect gift for dad

Five reasons why the M Scooter is the perfect gift for dad

1. Welcome your dad to the new age of technology:  When most dads were growing up, scooters were not invented, never mind electric scooters. Show him the wonders of the 21st century.

2. He can use it to for a romantic evening ride with mom: We know gross, but with everything your parents have done for you, they deserve a nice night out everyone once in a while.

3. Maybe he’ll let you use it: We have a feeling that once he gets the hang of riding the M Scooter around town, he won’t want to share it, but you are the one buying it for him after all so maybe he will give in.

4. You’ll save a lot of money on gas and save the Earth: Your dad can finally shut you up about saving the Earth and he’ll save lots of money on gas in the process.

5. He can invent a new sport: Can you imagine playing Polo on an M Scooter? Just think of all the fun your dad will have dreaming up ways to use his electric scooter. Whether he uses it to get to work or just to get a beer out of the fridge, the possibilities are endless.

The ACTON M Scooter is available now for $1599 at our online store now. You deserve it!



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