The Ultimate Lifestyle Accessory: Why you should consider an electric scooter

Many people use our electric M Scooters as a complement to their car. Others use it as a replacement for their car all together. Everyone has their unique reason for using our M Scooter, whether you are trying to save the environment or just add convenience to your daily life. Below are three of our favorite and less traditional reasons why our customers use their electric scooter.

  • Its sneaky fast

Many of our customers compare the speed of the M Scooter to their car and say, “I wish it could go faster than 12 mph.” What most people do not realize until they sit on the back of our scooter is that 12 mph is a lot faster than you would imagine. With no insolation, immediate acceleration and the wind blowing at your back, a trip on the M Scooter can feel like a real rush if you choose to go full speed.

  • It seats two

Unlike the majority of scooters on the market, you don’t have to enjoy all the fun by yourself on the M Scooter. It is perfect for a father trying to teach his child how to use the scooter or for a romantic evening out with your loved one. Trying to treat your first date to something different and exciting? Look no further than the M Scooter, which has plenty of room for two.

  • Forget the pump

If you’re looking for something that offers the comfort of a car without all the expenses, the M Scooter is the perfect fit in your garage. The average person who drives over 15,000 miles a year spends over $2000 in gas each year. In addition, scooters do not need the pricey transmission repairs or oil changes like cars do. Cars provide additional expenses over time, while the electric scooter just keeps providing fun and efficiency.



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