5 Creative Ways to Relax with ACTON Products this July 4th Weekend

With the first half of 2015 coming to an end and the long and wonderful July 4th weekend quickly approaching, the ACTON Team would love to recommend some fun ways to enjoy the weekend with our products!

1. Parade down your street riding your M Scooter with one hand and waving sparklers around with your other hand.

2. Ride your RocketSkates down to the nearest firework stand. They are sure to strike up a conversation and maybe your new friends at the stand will give you a discount on fireworks.

3. Ride your M Scooter to the nearest park’s firework show and then use it as a seat for the show. This will ensure you have the highest seat for the best possible viewing.

4. Use your RocketSkates to serve food. Nothing is more America than old drive-in diners with waitress serving food on skates. Relive the glory days and have some fun by serving your guests on RocketSkates.

5. For those of you that have the need to shoot illegal fireworks and we know you’re out there, the RocketSkates can be used to escape from your angry neighbor who threatens to call to police. Hopefully you do not need to use this idea, but if you do, you did not hear it from us.



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