Rockets lose to the Warriors after refusing to wear their RocketSkates

We here at ACTON tried to convince the Houston Rockets that using our product was the only way they would beat the Golden State Warriors. The team won with heart against the Clippers, but everyone knew they would need an added boost to get by the Warriors. Once we persuaded the team that our product was named after them, they agreed to try them out in practice. Dwight Howard and Josh Smith reportedly shot 95% and 94% respectively from the free throw line while wearing RocketSkates at practice. James Harden was seen literally flying past defenders in these stakes as up-tempo practice took on a new meaning.



Come game time however; coach McHale had his doubts. “While there is nothing in the rule book that says RocketSkates are not allowed, something about wearing them in a game feels illegal.” McHale went on to say that he was afraid of possible consequences after watching the Patriots go through deflate gate. McHale also mentioned that Trevor Ariza would have to sit out the series if the team used the product, because the forward could not skate. “It amazes me that someone who played college basketball in Southern California never learned how to skate,” McHale said.


With his team down three games to one, Harden pleaded with his coach to allow the team to use RocketSkates. “We won multiple championships when I was with the Celtics and we only used traditional shoes.” McHale said.


McHale’s stubbornness cost the Rockets a chance at the Finals and hopefully he takes us up on our offer next year. How cool would basketball be on RocketSkates? Maybe we’ll create a new sport! Check out our collection of RocketSkates at

5 Things You Might Not Know About the RocketSkates!

5 Things You Might Not Know About The RocketSkates

1. It All Began on KickStarter

Our dream was built with the love and support from our loyal fans on KickStarter. We began our campaign looking to raise $50,000 where we tripled our goal (that's $150,000!) in less than 24hrs! That is the beauty of this project – built with passion and with the love of our fans.


2. Completely Wireless

When we first began the preliminary design for the RocketSkates, we thought about how we could make the RocketSkates as simple to ride as possible? How could we upgrade the traditional roller skates without diminishing what makes it fun while still leaving room for upgrade and improvement? Integrating more technology usually means making things more complicated—not for us: the RocketSkates are controlled with a 1-2-3 step process through your phone.


3. Our RocketSkates community is worldwide!

We have people from all over the world from all walks of life enjoying the RocketSkates! From customers in South Korea who use the RocketSkates to and from the train to our customers in the U.S. who use their RocketSkates to get around class or to the coffee shop!


4. Fast and Reliable Customer Support

We're always here whenever you need help with your RocketSkates -- whether it be related to riding questions to technical specs to simply just figuring out new ways to explore with your skates, we'll be here for you. We also back each pair of RocketSkates with a 1-year warranty so you can focus on perfecting the skates!

5. The Future is Ours!

We're the inventors of the world's first electric skates which means we're fortunate enough to discover and share new ways to enjoy the RocketSkates every single day. Take the first step into our vision for fun and futuristic transportation!

Check out the RocketSkates collection here.

Gearing up for Memorial Day Weekend!

It's always busy hour here at the ACTON office as everyone from our marketing team to engineering department working around the clock to make sure we provide the best customer experience to all of our fans. We pride ourselves in connecting closely with each and every one of our RocketSkates and M Scooter riders to gain feedback to improve our product every single day.

My job as marketing manager here at ACTON is to figure out the best situations to use our unique RocketSkate products. I ask myself "can I use this to replace my bike?" and "how hard is it really to figure these things out?"

One of my favorite things about the RocketSkates are how portable they are even when they look like Ironman boots on my feet. Carrying them around definitely grabs everyone attention before I even get them on my feet! Riding a bike I would always have to worry about finding a good place to lock it and then worry pretty much all day if its going to get stolen or not. With the RocketSkates, I can take them with me anywhere!

From a visual perspective, the RocketSkates are simply like nothing else. My R6 RocketSkates come in our own custom Rocket Red color with red accents throughout--seriously reminds me of something astronauts would wear around moonwalking in zero gravity! The back of the skates, also doubling as the ignition switch, glow when activated making it look like a straight up turbine getting ready to blast off when you're ready to go. Seriously--these things look great on and off your feet.

Learning how to ride the RocketSkates reminds me of the first time I tried rollerblading as a kid--a little bit hard at first but once you pick it up the feeling of sliding across the pavement without moving your feet makes it feel like you're floating in space. Right now I'm just using these skates for fun--moving back and forth between class to my dorm just makes everything so much more interesting.

I'm thinking about all of the places I can ride the skates to: to the coffee shop on Temple, around the bike path in Venice or maybe even back at the office on Monday as soon as I become a pro at rocketskating.

Me and my RocketSkates for this long Memorial Day weekend.. what do you have planned?



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