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Officials to use RocketSkates during NHL Finals

With the NHL Finals starting this week, the NHL has announced a drastic improvement to their officiating. Citing the inability for referees to keep up with today’s athletes, the league has approved the use of RocketSkates for officials in the upcoming series between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Chicago Blackhawks.

The RocketSkates will not only help the referees keep up, but will also keep their legs fresh throughout the postseason as little effort is required to move in the electric skates.

While the officials are excited for the advancement in technology, the players are not. Centerman Andrew Shaw, who led the Blackhawks in penalties this season had this to say, “The officials already call too many penalties. Now that they can keep up with us and actually see what is happening, who knows how many they will call.”

Lightning star centerman Steven Stamkos agreed with Shaw, “With these skates the officials will be able to literally see things as they’re about to happen. They are going to break up fights before they happen and I really want to punch a few Blackhawks.”

Regardless of what the players think, the skates will speed up to rate of play and will cause further excitement for the NHL Finals. The officials will be able to stay on top of the action and reviews will no longer be needed.

The Lightning organization is reportedly so enthused about the RocketSkates that they are exploring the idea of their ice girls using them to perform at halftime. Who knows by the start of next season, maybe even players will start wearing them in games!



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