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 Dual Hub System
 14 Miles Range
Approved for air travel
3 Ride Modes
Regenerative Braking
18 MPH
 20% Incline Rate
Splash Resistant
Signature Safety LED Lighting
Wireless Remote Controlled

14-Day Moneyback Guarntee & 6-month Warranty

Easy Financing

US Based Customer Support

Commute In Style
Dual motors and serious range

Powerful Dual Hub Motors

With HUB Motors designed and tested in California’s Silicon Valley, ACTON’s all new Dual HUB System makes no excuses when it come to performance.

Integrated Lights

The S2’s Front, Dual High Powered LED’s make for the brightest cruising experience.

Maneuverability Durability

Built from the stiff wood grain of the Canadian Maple tree and Bamboo vibration absorbing stocks, the S2’s deck perfects the balance of durability and rideability.

Smart Feature
Snap your adventures, record your routes, and log your miles (or kilometers).
Challenge yourself, even. ACTON takes you places.

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Weight: 15 lbs
Max Speed: 18 mph
Range: 14 miles
Wheel Size: 83 mm
Charge Time: 1-1.5hr
Incline Rate: 20% (12 degrees)
Reverse: Yes
User Weight: 250 lbs max load
Regenerative Braking: Yes
Battery: Lithium Ion, Samsung cells
Board Material: Canadian Maple Wood, Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Motor: 2 Hub Motors, Total 1000W
Integrated Lights: Front, tail and 2 side lights are INCLUDED
Deck Length x Width: 31.5in x 8.5in

Commute In Style


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ACTON BLINK S2 Electric Skateboard

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Weight 15 lbs

2 Hub Motors, Total 1000W

Board Material

Canadian Maple Wood, Aircraft Grade Aluminum


14 miles

Max Speed

18 MPH

Incline Rate

20% (12 degrees)

Deck Length x Width

32.2in x 8.5in


Lithium Ion, Samsung cells

Wheel Size


User Weight

250 lbs max load

Charge Time


Regenerative Braking


Integrated Lights

Front, tail and 2 side lights are INCLUDED


iOS / Android

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4.84 out of 5 stars

45 reviews

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  1. One person found this helpful

    4 out of 5 Love it except

    (verified owner)

    I’ll start by saying I’m totally in love with the S2!! It’s almost completely replaced my car and bike as my primary form of transportation around the city.


    One negative, out of the box the bolts that secure the trucks to the board were not tightened all the way. They came dangerously loose while riding the 1st wk. if I hadn’t noticed they could’ve came loose while I was using the board and I could’ve been injured.

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  2. Henrik Arnstad

    4 out of 5 Hey handsome! Acton Blink S2 review.

    (verified owner)

    “When people enter my home, the S2 is the first thing they see. Because it sort of represents me now. Were officially a couple. Bye!”

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  3. Jon

    4 out of 5 Boosted killer

    (verified owner)

    This bad boy is perfect , s2 is the way to go , I ride every day , full charge before I leave , as I get to my door it bitching at me to charge the s2. Absolutely worth it in every way , wish it was 799 I would probably buy another one haha. My goal is to see how long it lasts , I carve constantly and ride pretty hard 100% of the battery!

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  4. Carlos Vinueza

    4 out of 5

    My Blink S2 is awesome! Great job!!!

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  5. Jeff P

    4 out of 5 Make Riding Great Again

    Overall, this board is a blast. I’ve had mine for a bit over a month now, and I love it. For reference, this is my first ever eboard, and I’ve ridden a Boosted around a parking lot once.

    -Instant torque, and lots of it. Going up hills/bridges/overpasses is no problem.
    -Reliable powertrain/remote. Never had a problem with either of them working.
    -Can easily get around town without charging
    -You can the the power off of the board and remote, and it’s a normal (albeit absurdly heavy) longboard
    -Lights are plenty bright for other vehicles to see you
    -If you’re riding on a recently-paved street, it’s simply a joy to ride

    -Riding can be very bumpy. This board is solid as a rock, so you’ll feel every bump and crack in the road. I’ll admit, I haven’t fallen off yet, but this makes for an unpleasant ride.
    -When I hit sand, loose gravel, or other debris, sometimes I lose balance on the board, which makes it difficult to travel along certain paths. When this happens, I’ll typically cut power to the board until I’m back on solid pavement, and that does the trick. At high speeds, this can get a little scary since the board can wobble out of control after hitting an obstacle. I think a traction control system could really help here.
    -Some of the screws were loose and jiggling soon after I received the board, and I had to tighten them.
    -The strap on the remote broke within the first month of use, and it was not adjustable (hard to get my hands into it).
    -The power button doesn’t always respond, and I have to press it multiple times to toggle power. Not sure if this is a hardware or software issue.
    -The Android app is a second-class citizen. It seems I can only connect with the board around 25% of the time, so I usually just end up going straight to the iPad instead.
    -(Perhaps the most concerning issue) In November, Acton estimated a delivery date of January for this board. I got mine just before July. I’m not sure on what planet they made that estimate, but to miss the estimate by 300% is a pretty bad error. The way I see it, they were either inept (grossly misunderestimating the time it would take to ship the boards) or deceptive (flat out lying to customers), neither of which gives me a lot of confidence in the company. Some redemption here when they released weekly updates, but they never really gave an explanation as to what happened.

    Notes (neither pro nor con):
    -It takes time to get used to accelerating and decelerating. At first, I didn’t like how abrupt it was, but now I do. You’ll just have to give it time to get used to it. Perhaps the beginner and normal modes could have reduced acceleration rates to help folks get used to riding.
    -I’ve hit a small puddle once and the board still works.

    This board is a lot of fun, but it still has a few problems that might not justify the price point. If Acton would address all the “simple” problems I’ve mentioned (I.e., I don’t expect traction control any time soon!), I think the board would be well worth it.

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  6. Kevin Martin

    4 out of 5 Well Executed Acton!

    I purchased my S2 via the Indiegogo campaign and after quite a long wait I’m really happy with how the board ended up. To give you guys some background on myself, I’m a skater of 15+ years experience (street skating and downhill long-boarding) and the S2 is the first E-Board I’ve owned, but not the first I’ve ridden.

    I’ll start with the construction of the board. I was delighted to find that it was extremely well made, I’m very happy with how sturdy and solid everything feels. I do have a little teensy bit of anxiety around the motor mounts but they’ve taken the first thirty or so miles like a champ so far. The maple bamboo hybrid deck is sturdy and stiff, it gives you a sense of security and stability while going fast but it can make the ride a little harsh when riding on rough pavement – luckily Acton was thoughtful enough to put some shock pads between the board and the trucks, a nice detail. The board feels planted at speed and turns like its on rails. The wheels could benefit from a softer urethane formula but they grip well and the size is so big that most things that would cause you to hang up (rocks, cracks) just melt away. One place I really think Acton can drastically improve is the tail of the board. Hitting the throttle really makes the board pull hard (which I love) and having additional tail space with a scoop to lock your foot in would be greatly appreciated (also would be helpful for kick turning). A nose scoop would be welcomed addition to help lock you in under heavy braking. Something I found odd is that one of the instructions out of the box was to do a once over of all the screws and bolts to make sure everything is tightened down… they did not however include a skate tool / tool set. You’ll need the classic skate wrenches and a phillips as always but one gotcha is that you’ll need a torx screwdriver for the motor mounts (next time swap the free backpack for a free tool set Acton).

    Moving on to how it rides, I’m beyond pleased – feels like you’re flying. The hub motors really make all the difference. Being able to push / coast naturally is epic and sets this board apart from its belt driven competitors. I hit the advertised 18mph top speed no problem (note: this is in ‘pro mode’ and I weigh in at 180 lbs) however I do seem to be falling short of the advertised 14mi range. I get about 8-9 miles but I think this is because I’ve got the throttle pinned almost the entire ride. On that note the 18mph feels fast but once you get comfortable you definitely get thirsty for more! I’m hoping Acton can achieve more speed with a software / firmware update.

    Now about the lights… I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about these during the campaign. I was very pleasantly surprised by how much light this thing churns out. It’s a little bit attention drawing but it definitely makes you feel safer about being in the bike lane after dark, so thanks Acton greatly for that. It would be nice to have a hardware switch on the board for the lights, which something you can only do via the app for now.

    Speaking of the app (iOS in my case), great job Acton! The Acton App is very functional and easy to use. Adjusting modes is so helpful for when you want give a friend a go. Getting real time board stats is dope and the weekly challenges are fun too! I truly wish the app reported more valuable data on the state of the battery. The app estimates your range, but you have no detail on the voltage of the battery. I’d like to know the actual volts but I’d take a percentage bar. Shoot while I’m asking, maybe both?

    As far as the remote goes, I love the soft touch plastic, it feels nice in your hand. The throttle / brake switch itself could feel more sturdy but it reminds me of an N64 Joystick and those are still snapping back to center for me so who knows.

    Another nice surprise was getting two chargers in the box, I leave one at work and one at my house and I now commute 16 miles with my board daily.

    In conclusion, thanks Acton! I’m really glad I backed you guys during the campaign and waited out the delays. I’m excited to see what you guys come up with going forward, and I’m very seriously considering buying a Qu4tro!

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  7. Rico Viqueira

    4 out of 5 Great performing board with some annoyances.

    I love the S and the S2, I have both. I have also ridden competitors boards and this is on par with Inboard.

    -great torque
    -decent top speed
    -decent braking
    -nice grip
    -range is fairly good

    -funky deck shape
    -cheap feeling remote, it will likely break if you take a spill with it or even drop it on hard ground
    -price, at $1k there are a lot of other options. I would buy this board again if it was in the $600 range.
    -fairly heavy

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